Full Name
Veronica Nabizadeh, Esq.
Job Title
Relationship Expert and Owner of Relationship Restart
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Veronica describes her work’s passion as “if it’s worth fighting about, it’s worth fixing.”

Veronica and her husband struggled in their marriage from the beginning. To the outside world, they were a happy, caring couple who had it all — she an attorney and he a physician.

Yet, behind closed doors, they wrestled for dominance, picked at each other over the littlest of things, and took every opportunity to one-up the other.

On the brink of divorce and desperate to save her marriage, Veronica left no stone unturned in her quest for answers.

Since she’d been raised in a Catholic household, she scoured the Bible for answers before turning to the Lotus Sutra of Buddhism for understanding and the wisdom of the ancient Toltec people for insight.

She climbed the Sun and Moon Pyramids and visited the temple of Quetzalcoatl in Mesoamerica on a pilgrimage with Don Miguel Ruiz.

She studied the Kriya Yoga teachings of Paramahansa Yogananda and meditated and chanted in Michael A. Singer's Temple of the Universe.

She even went to India, where Veronica studied under Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, developed her spiritual practice, and learned Sudarshan Kriya Yoga and Sahaj Samadhi Meditation.
All the while, Veronica was working on herself. And dove deep into the world of personal development to learn how she contributed to her marital strife and what she could do to strengthen herself.

As part of her journey, Veronica became a relationship expert and a Supreme Court of Florida certified Family Law Mediator. She’s certified as a Strategic Intervention Life Coach, a board certified health and wellness coach and certified happiness trainer. In 2024, Veronica is set to elevate her professional journey as she becomes a certified Relational Life Therapy Coach. Simultaneously, she will be unveiling her much-anticipated book, "How To Stay Married by a Divorce Attorney".

Veronica found her truth in the name of love and has dedicated her life to helping other battle-weary power couples find their truth in the name of love.

She is the founder and owner of Relationship Restart. With offices in Florida and Virginia, she helps women with children whose husbands refuse to go to therapy, stay together and thrive, or divorce with dignity and respect outside the adversarial system.

Veronica shares her life with Shahriar and Kara, their wise old-soul daughter, and their two dignified dogs, William and Mary. They’ve been married for 23 years.

To connect with Veronica and inquire about her services, please email her at: veronica@mindfulmediator.law Or visit Veronica at www.mindfulmediator.law.
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Session A3: Taking the Dispute out of Resolution: Helping Battle-Weary Clients Get a Grip
Veronica Nabizadeh, Esq.